Custom Design

Custom Design

Omni Jewelcrafters Designers are the best in the business. We travel the world and attend conventions and trade shows on an on-going and regular basis to stay ahead af the curve in beautiful design and quality workmanship.

While we seldom enter designer contests, we have nevertheless virtually been awarded numerous design competitions over the years. We are particularily accomplished in the fields of diamond jewellery design and gemstone and diamond design.

If you are looking for an engagement ring that befits your personality and individualism, then Omni Jewelcrafters is the place for you.

Be it solitaire, three stone, multi-stone, fancy cut, or round. Omni Jewelcrafters will design the perfect ring for you that will have all who see it forced to comment.

If you're looking to celebrate a wedding. an anniversary, a birthday, or a just because it's friday event (or any day of the week), then Omni Jewelcrafters can design something very unique and just for you.

Worried about cost? You're at Omni Jewelcrafters. No need to worry.

Have your own diamond and afraid that your budget is too low? You're at Omni Jewelcrafters. No need to worry.

Worried that you won't be able to get the design ideas to paper? You're at Omni Jewelcrafters. No need to worry.

Here are some ideas. You get the picture.
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