Testimonials & Celebrity Clients

Michel, December 2020


Thank you for the wonderful experience I had yesterday, talking to you about a pearl necklace for my wife. I have always enjoyed buying things from an individual, my neighbour, someone who is invested in my community. The nameless, faceless big box store are the choice of last resort. Secondly, and to borrow a phrase from one of my favourite book, I met a ‘kindred spirit’, a fellow designer. I really enjoyed the creative process.

I am looking forward to picking up the necklace and presenting it to my wife!



Margie, October 2019

Dear Jack,

There truly aren’t words to “ Thank you” for your incredible “labour of love” which you put into making my ring so unique and an absolute masterpiece! I was speechless and in tears when I saw it! How you designed it, in keeping the original look still, yet adding my Dads wedding band to it so beautifully! And how you added the diamonds are beyond what I had ever expected! It truly is the most elegant ring which I have ever seen, and it shall be in our family for generations to come. Thank you for recreating the most beautiful heirloom which I shall wear with such pride, and one day shall pass it on to our darling daughter.

Warmest Regards,




I just want to tell you how exquisite the Rings and Earrings are. I have been wearing the Ruby Ring and it is stunning. I just love it. I can’t wait to give Gabi her gifts and I know she will be so excited. Your design and the workmanship are just perfect. So grateful!

Much love


Oval Diamond Solitaire. Sep 2017

Dear Mr. Jack Berkovits,

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you so so much for designing and creating the most gorgeous engagement ring I've ever seen. Nathan proposed last weekend while we were visiting family in Nova Scotia and told me all about how you specially made this ring for us. It could not be more beautiful or perfect!

Thank you thank you thank you, Rebecca Senior

Chris T., January 2017

Good afternoon Jack,

In the past, whenever I attempted to purchase diamond earrings, my good intentions and initial enthusiasm turned into a frustrating and futile exercise.

In contrast, I'm pleased to inform you that my most recent experience with Omni and more specifically Robert Raphael was very positive. Robert was courteous, knowledgeable and informative. Consequently he was able to address all of my questions associated with; clarity, color, cut and price in a professional manner. In doing so, Robert was able to eliminate the typical mystery associated with a substantial diamond purchase and left me with a high comfort level.

In summary, my wife Marcee is extremely pleased with her diamond stud earrings and I'm confident that my purchase represents good value with the proper balance of quality and price.

Chris T

Viper P., October 2016


Proposed this weekend and she said yes!

She also listens to the Todd Shapiro show and it meant a little extra knowing that Omni looked after this important‎ purchase.

I appreciate your help, advice and guidance.

Best of luck with life and business Jack, i'll be in touch for the next big milestone.

Viper P.

Mario, September 2016

Hi there Hillel,
Ring was a hit. First she got mad at me for doing it, then she cried. We'll have to come in soon to get it sized.

Can never make them happy!! LOL

Thanks again.

Captain Kyle Vetter, August 2016


My mother and sister went to your shop today and purchased the engagement ring we were discussing. They were so impressed with the gentleman that assisted them and even more so by the ring.

I was in meetings all day and snuck out to FaceTime them while they were there. Needless to say, I am now planning the engagement for our trip to Mexico (she knows I intend to propose but not how great the ring is) and can't be more excited!

The Army has taught me that good work deserves to be recognized, and you have been outstanding. I am hanging on to the ring until we hit the sunny south, but will send you a picture when I ask the question so you can share in our day.

I appreciate your assistance, your advice and your counsel - You're a good man.

Thanks again,
Captain Kyle Vetter
Canadian Army

Frank, July 2016

Thank you for all your advice and help she said yes only bec of the size of the Diamond. We both have a day off on Friday and we wanted to size the ring we should be there for 1 pm


Taz, July 2016

Thanks Hillel - you're so awesome!! Thanks so much for looking out for me.

All the best,

Ty, July 2016

Thank you so much I’ll send a picture when I get home today.
I think that makes sense to have it done when we resize the ring now I just need her to say yes lol!

Thanks again,

Rick P, May 2016

I just wanted to say how pleased my wife and I are our purchase of an eternity ring and a modification to her engagement ring. Such an excellent job on the design and wonderful service from Marie at your Mississauga location.

Kindest regards,
Rick P

April 2016

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for the amazing job Omni did with my wife’s ring. She had worn it everyday since I gave it to her just over 5 years ago and was looking a little worse for wear. The rhodium plating and full service made it look as good as new, I can’t thank you enough for suggesting the complete job (quick turnaround too).

Thanks Again,

March 2016

Hi Hillel,

I picked up the ring earlier today and it really does look fabulous! Thank you for all of your input in helping me come to this decision. Both yourself and Greg were truly helpful and I felt that you were very sincere with me. Thank you and all the best!


Feb 2016

Morning Jack

I wanted to say that we meet with Rob and he was wonderful. Our only thought at the time of going down was to make sure the diamonds were not loose, get the ring fitted or possibly put them into another simple setting . We were very comfortable with Rob and we ended up putting the diamonds into another ring with a few more diamonds to make a anniversary ring. Our 25th is in June. Never had we been to a store where all the trays of rings came out and we had all the time in the world to look them over. We could have price shopped around but Rob was the deal breaker for us.

Thank You Again for the Great service

Tena and Tom Kristjanson

Dec 2015

Happy Holidays and thank you and your family for making mine a special one. Take care and God bless you and yours!


Dec 2015

Hi Hillel,

Just in the process of wrapping the ring and earrings I purchased during the auction in November for my wife for Christmas and wanted to let you know how beautiful both items are. It is such a pleasure to deal with a company like Omni. Thank you once again for the great deal.

William Knaggs

Dec 2015


I just wanted to say I am very pleased with my recent order of some earrings… the value, and product are wonderful, and the shipping time was great as well. I originally heard about your store, and offers on the radio. I was listening to the FAN 590 online in Grande Prairie Alberta, and heard about your website crashing, with great deals online, that came with a free pearl necklace gift with any purchase in store or online. I ordered some earrings right away and received those.


Shawn, Dec 2015

That great! Thanks for the exceptional service! I will definitely recommend you to friends and family

Best Regards,

Patrick, Nov 2015

Hi Hillel,

Its Patrick Kennelly thank you for fixing me up with the boxes today. I kind of left in a hurry so I could beat traffic. Thank you again so much for being so generous and gracious with your time the other evening with Rhonda and I. As well as playing along so these pieces will be a big surprise at Christmas. It is always a pleasure shopping at your store....Thank you so much Hillel

Kind Regards

Tony, Sept 2015


Joyce and I enjoyed meeting you and appreciate the attention you put into our wedding ring purchase.
The rings are beautiful and your knowledge and expertise to detail were realized in the selections.
Thank you for caring and for your time.

Tony and Joyce

Reisha, May 2015


Thank you ever so much for your patience and kindness.

I love the earrings.... They are beautiful....

I received the package from you today. The rings fit perfectly and I deeply appreciate you sending me back the diamonds. I also appreciate the appraisal. :-)

I will be giving people your name now that I know you and felt very comfy with you.

Thank you again...

With my best and kindest regards,

Carley, February 2015

I wanted to thank Maria at the Heartland location, she is wonderful and was a great help to us last Sunday with our earrings and engagement ring. Please let her know we are writing in to thank her and we are now very excited to see the final result and the beautiful diamond set in the center.


Catherine P, February 2015

Dear Hillel,

Thank you for sizing the eternity ring for me. It is perfect now. It is always a pleasure doing business with Omni. You really do put the customer first which is unusual these days in business. Keep up the great work.

Thank you,
Catherine P.

T.F., February 2015

I want to thank you My resolve was quick and i will Return in the future thank u so much A smile can be priceless

E.M., February 2015

I went to Bathurst and Glencairn location to pick up bracelet and earings…the earrings are absolutely stunning!!!!! I am so glad you told me to get them! They look amazing. I just love the icedrop hanging earrings. Love them!


Mark B, December 2014

Thanks so much for doing this auction. I shop at your store every year and this auction has saved me a lot of time. My girls will be having a very special Christmas this year. Thanks and best wishes to you and your family, Mark

RD, December 2014

I am glad to know that OMNI recognized my name and reached out to me.

It is not many companies that pay that level of attention to detail.


Steve Muecke, December 2014

Hi, my wife went last Thursday to pickup the diamond and while she was there, she chose a beautiful diamond encrusted setting to go with that stone. Yesterday she picked up her new ring and brought it home.

We truly are impressed and happy with the diamond and setting.

Thank you for helping me to celebrate our 25th anniversary.

Steve Muecke

Nancy-Anne & Bruce, November 2014

May our Lord Bless you and your family with a fullness of love, joy, safety, and peace and keep you in health, Nancy-Anne & Bruce Budge.

Thank you for helping to create for us a ring beyond one we could imagine. Your kindness is appreciated more than you know.

Nancy-Anne & Bruce Budge

Carmen, November 2014

I just have to email Sheba at Omni to let your know Sheba what wonderful service you gave to me. I was just looking at your web site and reading about you. I think you are an amazing woman . Thank you for not rushing me and allowing me to feel comfortable in my choice of ring band. Just want you to know that I will always go to your jewelry stores ....really no need to shop around ....you are the best.

Thank you for your great service
Carmen Noble

David, November 2014

You do take good care of me and your stuff is lovely! I appreciate it… many thanks!


Hal, November 2014

I've had numerous dealings with Omni Jewelcrafters, and have always felt treated MORE than fairly!

I would recommend Omni to anyone and everyone looking for a better than fair deal.


Kate & Kris, November 2014


Just a quick note to say thanks for making our special day so beautiful. I wanted you to see how stunning the jewelry looked. I absolutely love my rings and the gorgeous bracelet. Kris was stunned with his watch and we are truly grateful for your assistance in making everything so perfect.

Looking forward to the next reason to come see you guys! :)

Kate & Kris

Jerry Agar of Newstalk1010 and of Toronto Sun, visiting Mr. Jack Berkovits at Omni Jewelcrafters

Jerry Agar of Newstalk1010 and of Toronto Sun, visiting Mr. Jack Berkovits at Omni Jewelcrafters

Kate, July 2014

Hi Hillel,

Thank you so much for your help finding Will's engagement ring. He popped by on Friday to show Kris and I. It is absolutely beautiful, I never imagined we could find something as exceptional as that! I suppose I should have known after the magic you and Kris did with my ring!

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your help and for making it such a nice experience for my brother. It's such a big moment in life and I am very grateful for all that you did to make it perfect.

Have a great weekend

Kris, July 2014

Good morning Hillel,

Sorry I didn't make it yesterday. It was an incredibly slow 6 hour round. Barely even fun by the time we were done.

Just wanted to send you a note to thank you for helping Will out. The extra effort is really appreciated. Both he and Kate love the ring and were impressed with the service you gave them. Kate and I will be in to look at wedding bands in the next few weeks, and I may be looking for a wedding gift for her as well.

Thanks again.


Daniel, June 2014

Hi Hillel:

I just wanted to let you know I popped the question this past weekend and she loves the ring!

I can’t thank you enough for making it and being amazing through the whole process! Very much appreciated!

Sara and I are excited to come visit you again when the time comes to get our wedding bands!

Best regards,

Neil, June 2014

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help with the ring and diamond selection for Jen. I popped the question a week ago and she LOVED the ring. Her exact words were "this is what I'd buy if I were going to go out and buy one myself". Thanks for taking the time to find me both the perfect diamond and then the perfect ring.l


Eden, April 2014

Dear Jack,

I just want to let you know of the exceptional customer service I have been receiving from Laura Borg at the Keele & 7 location. My finance and I bought our wedding rings from her and I bought a pair of diamond earrings and a custom-made diamond nose ring.

It has taken Laura and Lui (who is also fantastic and very patient) four months to get this nose ring to my liking and comfort. Laura always makes us feel welcome and never tired of my adjustments with this diamond nose ring. She never made me feel like a bother. Even when I apologized to her, she said that she will not give up until I am satisfied. Being a nose-ring-wearer herself, she understands the intricacies of this fine, subtle piece of jewelry.

I have a toddler and work two jobs and my free time is sparse. I normally would not allocate my moments of free time to writing an email to the head of a company, but customer service like Laura's is very rare and should be praised.

Laura the most personable, friendly, and warmest salesperson I have ever encountered. I would have never have bought the diamonds earrings and nose ring if it weren't for her engaging personality. She is the personified gem of Omni Jewelers!


Sarah, March 2014

Good Evening Hillel:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your encouragement today. I know I got a 'steal of a deal'.

It was very kind of you to offer me the 'buy in', as a returning customer. This is the third or fourth auction I have made a purchase.

To let you know, my husband chose OMNI to purchase my engagement ring in store and we returned to purchase our wedding bands there as well. That was before I started visiting your auction site.

You are great at what you do!! You are quick with the email responses as well!!

Thank you for your professionalism too!

Warm Regards,

Geoff, March 2014

Dear Hillel,
just a short note to let you know my wife was just thrilled with the ring & i will forever be indebted to you as she was more than happy.

thanks again Hillel you are the best.

Michelle, March 2014

Dear Mr. Berkovits,
My husband, Phil F. has bought all our pre-wedding gifts, engagement and wedding rings, wedding & Christmas gifts on the auction.

I want to tell you we love every piece - they are just exquisite & the service of the stuff has been terrific.

Thank you so very much - you are just the best & we wish you a very Happy & prosperous New Year!

Michelle F.

Tom, January 2014

Hi Laura,

Just a short note to let you know, the replacement watch arrived, yesterday! Wow! Such great service!

Thank you.


David, January 2014

Hi Rob,

Well, Logan popped the question on Monday and Carly said yes.....well, she was so overwhelmed by the ring that he had to ask her twice! :)

I saw the ring. Wow. You and your team did an excellent job. It is beautiful and wonderfully crafted. Thank you again for your excellent service, incredible pricing, great product and care. You fully delivered on all fronts and I am very appreciative.

I look forward to welcoming you warmly (many times hopefully) at the winery.


C.R., December 2013

Hi Hillel

Thank you for all of your help.
The ring is beautiful. The service has been fabulous.
Look forward to doing business again.


Debbie, October 2013


Once again I proudly wear my diamond heart pendant all thanks to you. It means so very much to me. I can't thank you enough for the manner and speed in which you addressed my issue.


DK, October 2013

You are so very kind and I appreciate your offer so very much. It would be very special if I could get the HEART PENDANT at this time. It has a personal space in my heart and that would be certainly be taken as a very special favour from you and Omni.

Please process through the credit card and send to Heartland. You have made my day and this will be remembered!!!!! Have a great week yourself


Marina, August 2013

I recently visited your king st east location in Oshawa. I had to let somebody know about Mark Osborn. I was getting a few items fixed/replaced and he was extremely helpful and informative. I have been to many other Jewel crafter's and none have been as helpful as this one. I will definitely be returning. Thanks to mark! He's the best! :) Thanks again,


S.A., July 2013

Thank again for working with me and I truly appreciate your efforts to allow us to obtain another piece of your fine jewelry


Scott, April 2013

Hi Jack

I just wanted to send you a note to say how much Amanda and I appreciate all you have done to help us.

It means a lot to both of us that you have been so accommodating and helpful. Because of your kindness and willingness to help, we both have rings we could not have otherwise had.

Thank you so much!


Alison, February 2013

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the service I received the other day.

The two gentlemen in the store were kind, courteous, humorous and lovely to chat to and to deal with.

I am certain I got a fair and reasonable valuation and I would not hesitate to use this service again when I have old jewellery to sell.

Many thanks to you both

Phil, November 2012

Hi Laura

Just wanted to say thank you again for all your efforts and it is much appreciated.
Also it was so nice to see you and talk to you again. You’re the BEST!
Omni jewelcrafters is the BEST in the business.


Phil, October 2012

Good Morning Hillel

Thanks for the email. Rest assured that my loyalty to Omni has not been tarnished and you are the jeweller of choice for all my needs.

Have a great day and thank you again for over the top customer service which is truly lacking in these times and this is why Omni is my only choice!


Diane, September 2012

Thank- you, thank-you, thank-you. I really appreciate your excellent service and the items you offer.

Thanks again,

Bill, August 2012

Good morning Jack.

Just wanted to pass along our thanks for taking care of my wife’s rings. I did thank Marie yesterday when I picked them up, however wanted to pass along my gratitude to you as well.

The service and everything worked out fantastic and my wife is very happy to have all her ring back and they all look like new. Fantastic job!


Greg, August 2012

Hi Karmen,

Sincere thanks for taking the time this morning to value the Estate rings and to explain the issues in the original Appraisal of Feb 2012.

It is always difficult to settle an Estate and we are now down to just the sale of the rings. You provided a lot of comfort to us today, with your professional guidance and this will translate into confidence in reaching a final decision with the other siblings.

I was also very impressed with your store and look forward to our next meeting.

Have a great weekend.


Josie, August 2012

THANKS OMNI ! My weekend is starting out perfect

HD, July 2012


A special thanks to Laura and You for your caring attention to my request. Once again it was a distinct pleasure doing business with an organization of professionals


Sandra, June 2012

Hi Jack,

I was just at the Keele Street location and Hillel and Gregory treated me like a queen.

Thank you Jack for being so very kind and generous.

I bought a beautiful diamond bracelet..it will look wonderful on ("our wrist") as my husband and I link arms.

Thank you once again.


Chris, June 2012

Hi Jack,

I heard you talk about the $25 on the radio.

I'm not emailing you to beef about anything!!!

I'm emailing you to say Thank You!!! Thank You!!!! Thank You!!!

Money is extremely tight for us at the moment with our little guy in daycare and all that goes along with life these days. Your promotion made Mothers day special and affordable.


John, May 2012

Thank you for sending out a replacement pendant.
It was a pleasure to deal with Omni Jewel Crafters.


Armando, May 2012

Hi Laura,

I want to thank you for your help in placing the order for the earrings and pendant... they were a perfect match... and very much liked by my wife.

Thank you again,

Philip, May 2012

Hi Jack

Thanks for Avi's contact.

Thanks as well for your excellent service. I will certainly recommend you to my colleagues and friends.

If I'm still around I will also use you for my next purchase perhaps sooner than our 35th anniversary.


J.K., May 2012

Dear Jack

Yesterday after receiving your reply to my E-mail I happened to be near your Concord store so I went in expecting that I would be able to present my credit card to purchase the earrings sight unseen that you spoke of on the radio. I was mistaken and informed that I must E-mail you my credit card information first to begin the process of the order. Your store employee Chris felt bad that I would have to drive back to the store again or arrange for shipping so he completed the order himself. Only after the transaction was completed was I shown the earrings and I have to say I was very impressed with the beautiful jewels.

I don’t know what kind of stones they are but I know that I will receive the biggest hugs and praise when I present this most gorgeous jewelry.

You have made me very happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


C.P., April 2012

Thank you for the auction and I won the eternity ring I so wanted. It is lovely and I will try again for some other merchandise as I was so pleased with the item and the service. thank you;


J.M., April 2012

Just to let you know. I thoroughly enjoy your auctions. I am hooked.

Your quality of product for the price that shows retail and what the bid is, is unbelievable!! I have told many of my friends, relatives, co workers to "CHECK YOU OUT". Keep up the auction.


M.U., March 2012

Not sure how to get this message to Laura, but I want to than her for her outstanding customer service regarding an issue I had with the ring I purchased. We decided to let the jewelry store in Guelph who sized the ring make it right and they did.

Thank you again for being an outstanding employee. I would return to Omni because of people like you!


Hillel Berkovits of Omni Jewelcrafters with Alex Anthopolous - General Manager of Toronto Blue Jays.

Hillel Berkovits of Omni Jewelcrafters with Alex Anthopolous - General Manager of Toronto Blue Jays.

KB, March 2012


Thanks for the time you took with Sue and I yesterday. She didn’t understand why I was so insistent that we go to your store for a new band. She gets it now.

Thanks for the great service!


JS, February 2012


Frank and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything this morning.

As disappointed that I was with what happened with our insurance and finding out that they were under quoted on my lost ring.

I am sincerely grateful to you and Greg for making an upsetting situation bearable.

I left your store and said to Frank on way home how wonderful you and Greg were to deal with. I will not ever hesitate for one second to recommend anyone looking for jewellery to go to your store and deal with either of you.

Again, my gratitude to you and Omni for all you have done to turn such a horrible situation into something a little special.

Omni will always be our jeweller thanks to you and Greg.


Sandra H, January 2012


When I first noticed my engagement ring had a crack in it, I was devastated. I thought that my ring was lost forever. You have such a reassuring manner and were able to walk Kevin and I through the whole process with such ease. Even though it took a couple of months with the insurance company, I felt the whole time that we were in good hands. The insurance company wanted us to go through their own jeweler, but I asked if they could make an exception. I am glad they did!

I love this ring more than the first and I thank you again for the service that you provided.

I added your name to my mortgage newsletter. If you are looking at purchasing that summer cottage, or any investment properties, let me know and I will take care of you!

All the best,
Sandra H

John, December 2011

Hi Jack,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you – Eli was wonderful and really looked after me – ALL THANKS TO YOU!!

Also, I had a terrific visit with your wife Sheba at your Keele St. store. She is some wonderful person and really down to earth – you make a great couple. My only disappointment was in not meeting you.

Of course, I understand you were tied up in Oshawa, and I hope all worked out well there.

Jack – I really do look forward to meet you and thank you personally for your support and big help. My wife, Heather is delighted and just cannot believe that the ring suits her engagement ring so well. What a great job your son-in-law did!!

All the very best of this season to you and all of your fine family – so far I met two, and looking forward to seeing you in the new year. Perhaps we might have a coffee in January some time.

Very best wishes for a happy Holiday – Take Care,

Douglas W, December 2011


my wife and I made our annual pilgrimage to your oakvile store on sunday to purchase her christmas gift...

we have in the past found the perfect diamond ring and last year a lovely birthstone ring...

we have always been served by your very gracious and knowledgeable Eloise..

we are not sophisticated when it comes to buying retail jewellery but always feel confident that we have gotten full value in terms of quality and price when dealing with Eloise...

her input and expertise (and sense of humour) this year helped us decide on a beautiful pair of diamond earrings and a diamond bracelet...

best wishes to your and your family over this holiday season,
Douglas W

Ron, December 2011

Thanks very much Hillel.

We have very much enjoyed shopping on the site.
It is fantastic!


Maxine, December 2011

Hi Folks,

WOW! What a pleasant experience this has been.

My ring, purchased at the online auction, arrived Tuesday morning by expedited shipment.

I love the ring, loved the service and for sure will be following the Auctions in the future.

As well, I will be recommending Omni Jewell Crafters to my friends.

Thanks again.

Bob, December 2011

Good morning Hillel, I picked up the diamond hoop earrings yesterday and they are exactly what I was looking for my wedding. Many thanks for all your help in correcting my original mistake. Great price and great service are hard to find these days. Happy Hanukkah! Bob

KG, December 2011

Wow...just opened my package. What a lovely surprise! Thank you so very much, that was incredibly thoughtful of you. Thanks Hillel...very much appreciated.


Theresa B, November 2011

Dear Jack,

I was a previous customer many years ago while you were on a tv shopping program.

I just wanted to tell you how happy we have been with the purchase we made for our daughter. It is still as beautiful today and she and I were talking about you and the company and how well you took care of us when there was a chip in the blue zircon, your company replaced it with a much more beautiful stone than the original.

Anyway, I just had to find a way to contact you and tell you that we appreciate your customer service standard, your appreciation of your customers, and that I have prayed for you over the years and am so thankful to see you have a new company to continue selling your beautiful, quality designs.

God continue to bless you and yours,

Theresa B

Gail V, November 2011

Hi Jack: I just wanted to thank you for your generous donation to Oakville’s Minor Bantam AE fundraiser on November 18th. I picked up the watch recently from Eloise and when I presented it to the fundraising committee for the Silent Auction they were absolutely thrilled. As you know, I am a big fan of OMNI and I plan to share all of my wonderful experiences that I’ve had with your incredible staff and jewellery throughout the evening with our guests.

Thank you once again for your kindness.

Hope all is well with you and your family.

Warmest regards,

TC, October 2011

As always many thanks.

Omni keeps my wife happy and a happy wife lets me get away with all my bad habits.


Catherine, September 2011


Many thanks to you and Laura for your assistance.

The BEAUTIFUL ring arrived today. Just lovely!


Asad K., August 2011

Hi jack,

we bought a 1ct ladies ring and 3 sets of pearl necklaces that you had at an unbelievable price... it's so low I can't remember...

Jack, i'm looking to get a custom ring made, it's white gold w/ the rolex president's bracelet design and 9 mid quality diamonds (see attached picture) similar, but instead of a round top, it would have a square top where the 9 diamonds go.

Please give me a quote and make me smile...again!

Asad K

Norma C., August 2011

Hi Jack,/p>

Just wanted to thank you for the new- better "Omni" designed ring.

I will be delighted to tell all that Mark Lash needs to train with you.

It's simple, sleek and very elegant.

Thanks for your recommendation to change the setting, and your kind generosity.

I remain a loyal Omni fan.

Norma C.

John, August 2011

Jack, I wanted to thank you for the offer to purchase my wife something for our 50th wedding anniversary and we order. I bought a beautiful ruby and diamond eternity ring. The service from Gary was excellent. I will present it on sunday and we will be back to size it if necessary. Thanks, again. John

bmacleod8, July 2011

Just wanted to say you should have OMNIfiscent as part of your name. Your deals are fantastic.

dfimio, July 2011


I have purchased a number of items from you auction and never been disappointed. I am interested in your "Wholesale" concept.

Do we select the merchandise we wish to sell, or is it bundled by you?

You have great products....and better ideas! Thanks,

Tiago, June 2011

Fantastic Hillel

Thank you kindly for looking into this for me.
This is one of the reasons why Omni is unbeatable.

Fantastic product with top of the line service.
I can't say enough! I wish you a fantastic long weekend


Elizabeth B, May 2011

Hi Hillel,

Thanks again for your help. Laura was wonderful. The ring is ideal and I am happy!

Elizabeth B

Jeanette, March 2011

Dear Hillel,

Dropped in at your Heartland location and picked up the strands of pearls this afternoon. Was a wee bit nervous purchasing them sight unseen but they are truly beautiful. My daughters and sisters are going to love their fabulous gifts.

The ladies who helped me out were terrific. I decided with their expert input to take 3 strands in white and 3 in the black/peacock colour, just what you had set out for me. Thank you for all your help. I've listened to Jack on Newstalk 1010 since he started with Bill Carroll doing his radio shopping network and so many times thought about calling in and then resisted the impulse (I think I just couldn't get past buying an item without actually seeing it) I'm very thankful I didn't let that stop me this time. Beautiful pearls-and sooo reasonably priced. Thanks again to you and your wonderful staff.

Best Regards, Jeanette

Michelle., January 2011

Dear Mr. Berkovits,

My husband has bought all our pre-wedding gifts, engagement and wedding rings, wedding and Chirstmas gifts on the auction. I want to tell you that we LOVE every piece - they are just exquisite. The service of the staff has been terrific as well.

Thank you so very much - you are just the best and we wish you a very happy and prosperous new year!


Phil F., March 2011

Hi Hillel

Thank you and just exquisite.

Phil F

Skye L., February 2011

I would like to Thank you for your assistance in my ring exchange yesterday.

You and the staff at Heartland (Maria?) have been extremely accommodating and I sincerely appreciate it. I will continue to do business with and promote Omni to all my friends and family.

Thanks again, Skye L.

PS My daughters loved the rings and my mother is still bragging about her diamond stud earrings.

Jennifer, February 2011

Hey Laura,

I would like todays Omniblast please. Could I have one? Call me.
Man this is a happy site. Thanks so much. Looking forward to doing this again.

It is the Sterling Silver Diamond bracelet.

My girlfriend will pick it up for me. She is at Leslie & lawrence so likely the Bathurst location.

One last Whoohoo

Douglas W, February 2011

Hi Jack, today I had the good fortune to meet Eloise at your Oakville location and she was terrific.

I am usually very uncomfortable shopping for gifts for my wife but Eloise made it easy and rewarding.

I left with what I think is the perfect amethyst and diamond ring for my wife (we'll have to wait for her critique) and a feeling of having had a fun and pleasurable shopping experience.

yours truly,
douglas w

Peter J, February 2011

Great - I would like to confirm three orders.
I would like to pick them up at the Keele Street Store.
Please advise when they will be available.
Love dealing with Omni!

Peter J

Vito G, January 2011

Hello Hillel,

It has truly been a pleasure to deal with you and Laura. When I told you about or situation you did everything you could to helps us out and we appreciate that very much.

Today was our colleague's funeral and we gave the locket to her 14 year old daughter. We had found pictures from a past company function and had Black's make the locket size so we could put it in the locket. Her daughter had a smile from ear to ear on what is probably the worst day of her young life. Her husband had tears in his eyes and was very moved by our gesture. Again we as a group cannot thank you enough for helping us do this for this poor girl. The community should really know what a great thing you and Omni have done. Not many companies would help people they do not know the way you did.

Once again thank you for helping us put a smile on a little girls face when she is surrounded by sadness.

Best wishes from all of us,
Vito G

Valerie B, January 2011


My fiance purchased my engagement ring through your auction...

I LOVE the ring but am now looking for a matching wedding band. My ring is 18carat white gold with a trinity setting and a pavee band.

I saw a few bands in the online catalogue and we're just wondering if you (or any other store) would carry them so we could come and try them on in person?

Margaret D, December 2010

Dear Mr. Berkovits

It has been awhile since you have heard from me, but I listen to you and all your wonderful opportunities of buying your beautiful jewellery. I am sending this e-mail to tell you my Eternity Diamond ring is just beautiful, I wear it every day , it sparkles like crazy. I receive many compliments on it and I always tell them where I purchased my ring (with your help).

It is Christmas time and I just felt I needed to say thank you to you again.

Margaret D

Melissa D, December 2010

Hi Hillel,

You may not remember me but I was the person who bid on the .5 carat studs and wound up buying the full carat ones. (The lady making the soup).

I just wanted to thank you for choosing such beautiful diamonds for me and I am just thrilled with the earrings.

Many blessings to you and your family during this wonderful season.

Melissa D

Margaret R, December 2010


Would just like to pass this along to you. I emailed you last week re ring repair. I dropped it off on Sunday December 5th at your store. I dealt with an older gentleman (white hair) unfortunately did not get his name.

He was extremely helpful and I left my ring for repair, and I paid for it to be shipped to me here in Barrie.

I received my ring back today… Talk about wonderful service!!!

If you don’t mind could you thank him for me and pass his name on to me if you have a chance.

Your service is the best in Ontario by far.

Word of mouth is excellent for advertising, I will be letting all my friends, family and clients know about your excellent sales team and the service you provide.

Sincerely, Margaret R

Honourable Peter Kent Minister of Foreign Affairs with Mr. J. Berkovits

Honourable Peter Kent Minister of Foreign Affairs with Mr. J. Berkovits

Ben., December 2010

Mr Berkovits,

I am hoping you can help me with the up coming holidays. First off, I have listened to your ads on CFRB since you first got on air. I have been a fan of your business model and often wondered how could I apply it to a product or service to become as successful as you have....

however, I am a blue collar worker and that is probably not in the cards for me,but I admire your business,your strategy and your products.

In fact,I have purchased a number of items from you in the past through the radio shopping network including rings,pearls,studs and pendents and I even have a Bill Carrol watch.

Here is my dilemma, I have a Lady in my life who absolutely means the world to me and I just love her to no end...two years ago,I gave her a heart shaped diamond pendant,thanks to you. Last year I gave her diamond studs, thanks to you.

This year, I want to do something that will totally knock her off her feet and hopefully help bring her into my life on an everyday basis. I am hoping before Christmas,that you will offer an all-time deal on a tennis bracelet or (not an engagement ring but) a nice diamond ring? She loves me too and does not expect to be showered in jewelry,but I think she deserves to be....hope you can help in that regard.

Thank You for what you do,

Mark W., December 2010

I most certainly will come back to pick up my auction and RSN treasures.

Keep up the outstanding work, I enjoy the Omni experience!

Mark W.

Kari P., December 2010

Thank you!
I really appreciate allowing me.
Excellent customer service. :)

Kari P.

B.F., November 2010

That's wonderful.
Thank you for you quick response.It's a pleasure doing business with a quality operation.

MARIANNE, November 2010


Dan, November 2010

Dear Sir or Madam:

I have purchased items from your company in the past because of your radio ads on 1010, and have been more than satisfied.

However, this is my first attempt to purchase anything at your auction site.

I wish to place two bids on the following items:

14K White Gold Ruby & Sapphire & Emerald & Diamond Bracelet 2.70TW (bid $275)
Set of Two Ceramic Black & White Bendanhill Mens Watches / Two watches / (bid $175)

I will continue to monitor the auction, but if either or both of my bids are successful, my telephone number is (416)...


Lee S., November 2010

Hi Hillel,

Just a quick message to say I finally have a ring which fits my very difficult finger. Thank you so much for your in put on this, both Laura and (sorry don't know the gentleman's name who actually did the work) but such lovely people, and nothing was to much trouble.

I am still singing your praises.

P.S. I did look at a very nice diamond band which would be no trouble at all to fit! "for the other hand that is" We will be in touch.

Kind Regards.........Lee

C. D. - 50th birthday a huge hit!!!, October 2010

Jack you helped make Trish's 50th birthday a huge hit!!! (All Weekend!!!)

Let me know when to pick up the Opal Ring --- Regan leaves Thursday

Thanks!!! Your C. D.

S. E, October 2010

WOW Jack, thank you for your generosity. This was truly unexpected. My wife will be extremely happy! I will go see Maria or Laura today.

You've got a customer for life! I always tell my friends/acquaintances about you but I'm going to redouble my efforts. The people that buy their jewelry elsewhere must not know about Omni. Either that or they are completely out of their mind!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts the Onematch video and any help/advice/guidance/suggestions you might have in promoting awareness. We need all the help we can get in getting the word out. Too many lives have been lost and many more are at stake.

Thank you and happy anniversary!

S. E.

Deb - I LOVE my ring!!!!, October 2010

Hello, Jack – I must tell you how much I love my new ring – thank you so very much for working with Bob to get the ring to me.

It’s not only gorgeous, but it now reminds me of my friendship with you, and I’ll treasure it even more for that reason!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Best, Deb

LS, October 2010

Hello Hillel;

I really must go away more often if I am going to receive such a wonderful gift upon my return. After putting up with D for 46 years I deserve it !

I love the setting and the diamond say's it all, it now requires another band to sit along side of it!

Best regards,

Richard, October 2010

Just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful looking ring, I'll let you know how it goes and I'll come see you when it gets closer to wedding time for the band, thanks again, talk to you soon


T. O'G., October 2010

Hillel my wife loved the ring and was so happy to have it as there was no special reason. That should be your Father's new slogan: "No special reason" - trust me it worked!!

T. O'G.

P.F., September 2010

Hi Hillel

Thank you very much and also for the congrats. Omni is the Best!


Phil, September 2010

Thanks for your response, Hillel, you're always a class act!!!!!!!!!!!!


Adrienne J., August 2010

Dear Hillel,

As always, you are too kind. My sincere thanks.

Adrienne J

Geraldine, August 2010

Perfect...you are the best! Your customer service is unbeatable!


Bharat P., August 2010

Dear Gary and all at Omni,

Just let u know that my wife was thrilled when I presented the earings and ring. It was such a nice experience doing business with you all. You guys are at number one in my list of future Jewelery shopping.

Many thanks and best wishes

Bharat P.

Governor of Arkansas and Republican Presidential Candidate Mr. Mike Huckabee and Hillel Berkovits

Governor of Arkansas and Republican Presidential Candidate Mr. Mike Huckabee and Hillel Berkovits

Arnold T, August 2010


I would like to take advantage of your amazing offer on these bracelets. I have ordered from you in the past and always been impressed with the quality of your products.

Arnold T.

Catherine and Chris, July 2010

Hi Hillel,

Thank you so much for working with me on this. My fiancee and I both found fantastic wedding bands today, with the help of Omni. Great deals! Thank you again for you kindness in this situation!

Best wishes,
Catherine and Chris

Michelle, July 2010

Hi Jack, to put it simply, I am floored. If you ask anyone, not a lot leaves me speechless...but I'm touched beyond words at your generosity towards a stranger. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

If I could pick up the GC at the Heartland location this Friday, that would be wonderful. Is that possible?

As I said, we are grateful for anything to include in our fundraiser, but it is often hard to get the 'big prizes' like yours...so the impact of your contribution goes that much further. I still can't quite believe you are doing this - and I hope this generosity comes back to a thousand fold and more.

I will talk to the team about your (completely above and beyond!!) offer to conduct the auction. I think we are attempting to keep our costs at zero at this time, but also we have not been offered anything like what you are suggesting.

Please let me know if I can pick up Friday (or I can even pick up today in Heartland).

Once again, I can only thank you and thank you again for your quick and generous (1000 - it's unbelievable!!) response. God Bless you and your family.


Elizabeth K., July 2010

Hi Jack,

Heard your ad this morning on CFRB - I'd like to order the 100 inch pearls for $99 and get the free 2nd set. Please confirm availability and bill to visa.

Love the radio shopping network and have taken advantage of many great deals over the years so thank you!

Cheers ... Elizabeth K

G. M., July 2010

Dear Hillel,

Just a short note to let you know my wife was just thrilled with the ring and I will forever be indebted to you as she was more than happy. Thanks again Hillel - you're the best!

G. M.

Greg H., June 2010

Good Day Mr. Berkovits.

I really have no other response to your very generous offer, but a huge Thank You.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I have the highest regard for Omni JewelCrafters and in no way hold you personally responsible for this mess.

I very much appreciate your response to my predicament – a first class gesture.

Thank you Jack.


NONI R., June 2010

Dear Jack...

It's now about 10 days since I bought the tennis bracelet that you had "on special"... and it hasn't been off my wrist since I put it on in your store. I think it's as beautiful now as the first time I saw it. Also, I wanted to say that had it not been your ad... i.e. Omni Jewelers ad... I probably would simply have thought it was some kind of a scam and not even bothered with it. But because I have been in your store before and know your product and how high end your jewelry is, I took the radio ad at face value and went to the store... and am I glad! Thanks again for my lovely new bracelet.

Best regards,
Noni R

Todd E., June 2010

My name is Todd E. i bought a solitaire diamond ring for my wife from omni by email only never saw it till i picked it up 1.5 years ago and love it.

i will bid $500

Bill H., June 2010

Hi Jack,

My name is Bill H., I was in your Oakville shop a few days ago to pick up my 3 silver chains with the key to heart pendant. I heard you on CFRB that morning. Jack when i was in your store I saw a Figaro white gold mans chain , and fell in love with it the only thing is it is way out of my price range. So i was wondering if there was anything you could do with the price or if there is any similar chains in the 500.00 to 1000.00 price range.

Thanks Bill H.

btw your staff were great to deal with!!

Tennis Legends Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf with Hillel Berkovits

Tennis Legends Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf with Hillel Berkovits

Kevin W., May 2010

Do you have any stock left of the 14K white gold 1.00k TDW annivesary band you were selling on radio a month or so back (price was $499)? I bought one and should have bought another. Hoping you can help out. For a 65th birthday gift. Let me know. Thanks,

Kevin W

Rhona, May 2010


This goes back to this past October. I won tickets to some Jazz festival on your show and my name was announced on the air, yeah, but as it happened my dad took ill in Montreal so I couldn't go, and I gave away the tickets. He passed away after a month in hospital and I had some gold from him and from my mother who passed away many years ago. Well believe it or not I took that gold to Omni Jewelcrafters only because I believe that if they advertize on our (I am family) station they have to be honest. Needless to say I had the most pleasant experience and walked away feeling richer in many ways. So thank you Jazz FM for giving me the incentive to help finance my trip.

Thank you Ralph if you've read through this story. We've never met, but I am booked be to be on the jazz cruise and look forward to meeting you and the others. I have been on a Jazz safari and do bump into Jaymz at different venues from time to time.


Proud Torontonian and Centre for the Miami Heat, Jamal Magloire, with Mr. J. Berkovits

Proud Torontonian and Centre for the Miami Heat, Jamal Magloire, with Mr. J. Berkovits

C.M., April 2010

Hi Hillel, Just an update. We purchased wedding bands from the Bathurst location from your Dad. We hope that is okay we want to keep it in the family! You guys have been amazing to deal with, it just so happens the bathurst location is around the corner for us and we ended up. C.M.

Dan P., January 2009

Hi Jack,

As you had suggested in one of your radio ads, I went out to the market first (checking out Spence and one other retailer) – then came to Omni. I visited your Heartland store last Sunday. This was helpful and friendly and I placed a deposit on a diamond engagement ring. Yesterday I was in to confirm the sizing and I should be picking it up next week sometime.

I wanted to thank you and your organization. I believe I received a fair price for the product and I’m anxious to present it to my future wife.

Thanks again!

World Famous Comedian Mr. Jackie Mason and Mr. Jack Berkovits

World Famous Comedian Mr. Jackie Mason and Mr. Jack Berkovits

Dan V., March 2010

Dear Hillel,

I got my ring, and have left another one with Gary to be re-sized. Your service is amazing, your staff is wonderful, and I'm a very happy Omni customer.

Thanks you for your care and concern.
Dan V.

H.P., March 2010

Good Afternoon, Jack:

I don't know if you will remember me, but I am the one who met you in Oakville, and you were gracious enough to allow me to purchase a diamond ring on time. I have often meant to contact you since then, but have neglected to do so.

I want to thank you for what you did for me, and for the confidence that you placed in me. My fiancee is delighted with the ring as well!

I am pleased to tell you that I have given a cheque to Sam to pay the balance in full at the end of the month. Now I need your help with bands (not financial). You showed me a couple of wedding bands (from your bag of goodies) that would match the diamond perfectly. My fiancee is off this Thursday, and we will be coming through Toronto. I was hoping that we could meet with you for just a few minutes at one of your locations sometime Thursday morning. We are getting married May 1st, so time is running on us.

Thanks again, Jack. I hope to be able to see you Thursday.

H. P.

Steve, February 2010


Thank you for your time and your feedback. You are a CLASS ACT and it is a pleasure knowing you.


Steve B., February 2010


The commercial that has your daughter tell of how you gave a woman $600.00 for a watch that she was only offered $25.00 from the crooks who buy gold is a great commercial Jack I am still getting the Free Fuel Center gas cards from John A. He has been good about getting back to me when I email or call him and I have received most of the Free Gas cards up to now. I really appreciate you offering to just give me the $500.00 to pay off the frustration I went through in the beggining and for several months to follow, but I did not feel right in you having to pay off their incompetence.

Thank you for your consideration in the past with the Free Fuel Center promotion and for the Very nice earings I purcased for my wife to get the promotion. Steve B.

Gene G., February 2010

Hello Jack:

I just wanted to thank you once again for your assistance. Rosemary is very happy with her new ring and is impressed with your professionalism and empathy.

I look forward to dealing with you, your staff and your stores in the future.

Gene Gouthro

Paul, February 2010

Hi Hillel,

I just want to say thank you for the help and service your staff have provided me, you might remember I am the auction winner from last Friday. My fiance and I are very happy with the diamond engagement ring purchased this Valentine's day. In addition I like to mention your new employee Quentin from the Bathurst/Glencairn location, he was very helpful during the process.


Chris, January 2010

Hi Hillel,

I just wanted to pass along a quick note with my sincere thanks for all your help in selecting the "perfect" diamond for Annie!

Here's for hoping she says yes ...

Thanks again,

A.P., January 2010

Hi Hillel Thanks for following up with my recent ring purchases. Aside from the one that Tony got for me that is absolutely stunning (many compliments indeed), I am very happy with my wedding dress and wedding band and engagement ring. It's amazing what a new setting will do for the center diamond ..... twinkle ....twinkle. To be honest with you, I am very distracted by hands lately. I can't help but look down every so often to admire my rings, it certainly puts a smile on my face. A job well done. Bravo!! Sincere thanks and I hope to see you soon, A.P.

Kevin, December 2009

Hi Avi!

Merry Christmas to you!

On Tuesday night at about 9:30 I proposed to my Lisa. She was surprised that I had a ring. :-)

It is the most beautiful ring she could imagine. She can't stop looking at it!

Thank you,
You helped to make our dream come true.

Very thankful,

Alex T., December 2009

Hello Jack,

My name is Alex. I would like to thank you for resolving the issue with the cash certificate at the Keel location today!

Also, your staff members were very patient and allowed us to take our time in selecting the items that we bought with the certificate, despite the fact that the store was so busy. In hindsight, I realize that this was not a good day for redeeming a certificate, however I moved to Niagara Falls, and come to Toronto once every 2 months or so; and today was one of those days.

Also, I wanted to thank you and your company for running the Radio Shopping Network every Wednesday, on the Bill Carroll show. I am a 23 year old professional, and cannot afford to spend thousands on jewellery, however due to the RSN I am able to buy some beautiful gifts for my girlfriend and look like a hero. I even sent some jewellery as a Christmas gift to my mom in Ukraine, and she absolutely loved it. Also, I was able to pick up a beautiful Bill Carroll watch for myself a couple of months ago, that was truly a killer deal!

Thanks once again, I look forward to visiting the "Java and Jewels" restaurant at the Bathurst location on my next visit to Toronto.

Continue the great work! Happy Holidays to you and your family and everyone at Omni Jewelcrafters!

Alex T.

Pat and Dan, January 2009

Dear Hillel: Dan and I would like to thank you for helping us select the perfect wedding rings! We're so happy with the choices, and with OMNI. You folks really know your business and it's a pleasure spending time with you. You can be sure we'll be seeing each other again.

Warm regards,
Pat and Dan

Mel M., January 2009


I purchased a tennis bracelet from you on the radio offer the week before Christmas.

I was very hesitant paying for something before I saw it.

However, I treated myself to this gift before Christmas and am very happy with the purchase.

I had the pleasure of meeting your wife at the Bathurst St store when I picked up my bracelet and browsed for other items.

She is lovely and a great salesperson for your business.

Happy New Year.
Mel M.

Sarah B. D., December 2008

Good Morning!

Just back from your sale at Mavis. Arrived before 8 and didn't have a long wait at all (in fact I think when you got there, the line moved right along). Love the bracelet & delighted we got up early to get it in person.

You have a wonderful store and a very nice staff.


Chris Bosh with a member of the Berkovits Family

Chris Bosh with a member of the Berkovits Family

Brian, December 2009

Done! Thanks!

I’ve got to tell you that the experience from email to handshake was incredible. The young guy at the Bathurst / Glen Cairn location was outstanding. He too recommended the 1 cw studs. He educated me enough to make me comfortable; but not enough to confuse me and I was out of there in 10 minutes. Most importantly, he made the experience fun.

I still know very little about earrings; but, I know people and the young guy behind the counter at Java and Jewels is an outstanding asset to your company.

Thanks again for the help and have a great holiday season.

I’ll be back.


Rob. W., November 2009

Hi Hillel,

thank you for not leaving a message not to spoil any surprise, i had the pleasure of doing business with you about 2 and half years ago with when i purchased a diamond ring set from you for my wife(rose).

She loves it and get's many many compliments. I am leaning more towards the 1 ct diamond studs. I will call you tomorrow morning to discuss.

thank you,
Rob W.

Marg. D., November 2009

Hello Mr. Berkovits:

I am wearing my new Eternity ring, it is just lovely. The diamonds are beautiful, and Gregory says altogether there is a "carat" on my finger. I have wanted one of these rings for so long.

Gregory and Sonia were very nice to me for sure and I am glad Gregory phoned you for confirmation. I assured them I would come again.

Mr. Berkovits thank you so very much. You have turned a very unhappy situation around so nicely and as you have said it helped you too.

My dream happened to-day thanks to you.

Yours sincerely,
Marg. D.

Jeffrey N., November 2009

Hi Hillel,

I’m writing you today to introduce you to my best friend Chris (copied above). He has finally decided to take the plunge and propose to his girlfriend but before that happens he needs to find an engagement ring. He knows how happy I was with my purchase and he asked me if I could introduce you two.

Chris – now all you need to do is find some time to go to the store.

Jeffrey N.
Category Specialist - Ink and Toner
Staples Canada

Lisa B., November 2009

I picked up a ring last week that I won by auction I love it.

Lisa B.

Elaine D., August 2009

Hello Mr. Berkovits,

I’m delighted to tell you I picked up my earrings from Omni Jewelcrafters (Keele Street/Hwy 7 location) yesterday 27th August. There’s no way I can tell the difference between the original earring and the replacement, so I couldn’t be happier and I got exactly what I was looking for. Alex kept me right from the get-go – do it once and do it right – a man of my own heart. Marty called on Wednesday and left a message to say my earrings were ready for pickup – fantastic turnaround time. I had a lovely chat with the gentleman who buzzed me into the store about adding another diamond to my engagement ring. He went one better by suggesting a ½ CWT to add to my two x ¼ CWT and a new setting – I like his way of thinking! He even showed me what it would look like – just gorgeous. I’m gently working on my wonderful husband to make that one happen – one thing at a time! I hope this is the start of a long and happy relationship with Omni Jewelcrafters. I felt very comfortable dealing with your expert and friendly staff and would have no qualms about returning to Omni for any future purchases.

Thank you for your help. Hope you’re enjoying your holiday.

Best Regards
Elaine D.

Joy V., July 2009

Dear Jack,

I cannot tell you how impressed I am with you. Not only for your fast response but also that you are taking this seriously. You have already moved up the ladder in my book! I will return.

Joy Vezina

Helen F., July 2009


Thank you for both your time and expertise in helping me with the auction process this morning. It was a pleasure speaking with you and your approach was refreshing. Look forward to seeing the "fruits of our labour" when I pick up the earrings as this is the first time I have bought sight unseen.....which speaks volumes.

It was also very kind of you to extend an invitation to contact you directly, after discussing the tennis bracelet that was featured in the Star Auction page this week. Looking forward to finding something along the same lines with the same added bonus of value, any suggestions or thoughts please do not hesitate to contact me.

Hopefully something will come up that might fit the bill, in the meantime take care, many thanks again and God bless.


Ben van den H., July 2009


On Monday I brought my wife's eternity band to the Heartland Omni location to drop it off for repair as per your email to me on Sunday.

I have it back in my hands already ... Thursday. Very fast.

The service at the Heartland store was excellent as was your service at point of sale and your replying to my question a few days ago.

My entire Omni experience continues to be most impressive.

Thank you (and your staff at Heartland) very much and I assure you that I will only shop at .. and will refer all I can to ... Omni Jewelcrafters.

Lisa-Marie, June 2009

Hi Boss's!

I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed working for you and the Omni Family. I have made friends for life.We work together as a team to offer customers the best prices and the best service. Omni has a non-corporate appeal that makes people feel comfortable and welcomed.

Jack, Thank-you so much for everything

I wish everyone at Omni all the best!

Joanna B., May 2009

Dear Jack, Thank you so much for all the time you've taken with my request to see this ring for my prom party. I was in your Oakville store again on Thursday and I saw the setting (minus the sapphire) and, while it is absolutely stunning, I decided that one of your other rings looks better on my finger. Sherri has been wonderful and has organized for the ruby in the ring that I like to be replaced with a sapphire, and I absolutely love it. So, thank you again for your time, and for all your wonderful jewellery that made my decision a very tough one! Happy Victoria day. Regards, Joanna L. B

Alan C., May 2009

Hi Hillel,

I wanted to thank you for all your help yesterday with the ring. I picked it up today and it looks amazing. The price was great, the diamond was great and your service was great. I am really happy with the purchase, thank you again.

Alan C.

Taso T., May 2009

Hello Jack,

I have been listening to you ever since you started advertising on the mighty 1010.

I have always listened to your auction but have never bid. But today I find myself looking for a gift for my wife who is 8 months pregnant. What better way to say I love you to your with then with jewelry? That's why I would like to bid on your current item.

Taso T

Rick L., May 2009

Dear Jack

Just a few words to thank you for having the Christmas special ....Purchase $1000.00 worth of merchandise & recieve a free cruise to the Bahamas. I was sort of sceptical of such a freebie for merchandise I needed anyways.

Three months later, I called you about it & you put me in touch with your cruise & vacation Specialist John Arancibia who took it upon himself to arrange not only the cruise but a southeastern tour that would knocks your socks off. The cruise was wonderful 4 nights & 5 glorius days on a beautiful cruise liner the Norwegian Sky. I could go on & on about how great a vacation we had but the real reason I'm writing is to tell you how impressed I was with excellant service I recieved when I was in your Keele St. store,The elderly gent was very accommidating & experienced , I liked him Immediately. I know that with the smiles I got Christmas morning, made it priceless & when the gift giving was finally over I was able to give my wife a cruise, she thanked me over & over & over again, So THANK YOU JACK I shall become a loyal & frequent customer,

Joan T., January 2009

I just received the pearls and I am thrilled!
Bill Carroll and Omni just found a new customer for life!

Scott P, December 2008

Dear Omni

Just wanted to comment on the great service I received from Angelo Sevastakis at you Oakville location. Angelo took the time to help me select a special gift for my wife... I appreciate it.

Happy Holidays!


Tom & Mary, January 2009

Thank you again for the help.

The results, once again, are spectacular.

Both Mary & I are delighted, and I expect John also will be thrilled.

Thanks for your guidance & suggestions.

A pleasure,as always,working with you.
Tim & Mary

Jeremy Z, August 2008

I bought a diamond ring from Robert at your Bathurst st. store a couple of weeks ago and I just wanted to tell you about the great experience I had. I found it to be an exciting, entertaining experience to say the least. I found him to be the most informative salesman i have ever met and I have been buying jewellery for years from Mark Lash. Before I knew it i gave him my credit card.. i found it painless and rewarding at the same time. I have a sporting goods store and i only wish I had people like him working for me. He not only upsold me, he did it in a tactful, professional manner. He was the ultimate in dynamic salesmanship. His knowledge was second to none. You certainly have a "gem" on your hands and good people at my wedding allow an owner such as yourself to grow. I haven't dealt with others in your company but I will only deal with Omni in the future. Again, thank you for the rewarding experience. Yours Truly, Jeremy

Wayne M, Toronto, January 2008


I've been so busy since returning from Las Vegas this is the first chance I've had to let you know that my plan was executed flawlessly. I was able to keep my secret until we finished our romantic dinner at Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare. I then started into my little speech and slipped the ring box out of my pocket, opened it and popped the question (there was no room to go down on one knee so I had to improvise). She was totally speechless when she saw the ring - it was an absolute home run. Of course she said yes and the rest of the trip was a blur. ......... Liz loves the ring and said I couldn't have picked a better or more appropriate one.

Thanks so much for your help in the selection. With the little bit of information I gave you, you were able to narrow what is truly an overwhelming number of choices down to a manageable few. I could not have made the right selection without your guidance. Rest assured that I will continue to be an Omni customer.

There is one minor issue that I need your help with. Yesterday Liz noticed that one of the small stones in the setting is missing. She's not sure how it fell out as she doesn't remember bumping it. In any case, I will drop by sometime this week so you can repair it. That is if I can get her to take it off her finger for a while!

PS - even the size was right on. She was amazed at how I could know her ring size. I told her that I measured her finger when she was asleep. That sounds better than telling her that I fit in on my finger and then guessed.

Best regards, Wayne



A few years ago I walked into a local Jewellery Chainstore to buy Ava a bunch of Swarovsky crystal (she collects them). I am in construction and was wearing my work clothes. I had a hard time getting anyone interested in serving me because, I suppose, I didn't look as if I had much money to spend. I left the store and walked down the mall to another jeweller where I spent over $1,000 on "stocking stuffers". I went back to the Chainstore and asked for the manager. I told her I had just bought these items, showing her the crystal to which she said "These are not from my store", to which I replied "No they are not, but they could have been" and told her the story. She reacted with total indifference so from that date to the present, that Chainstore has never received any business from us.

The reason I am telling you this is because, when I went with my wife for the above ring at Omni Jewel Crafters, I was not particularly well dressed either, but was not judged by Eloise. She treated us as potential clients regardless of my attire or appearance. You have loyal customers in Ava and I and I thank you.


Ava and Roy K, Toronto, December 2007

Hi Jack!

I've been married 24 years and never had an engagement ring. When my father died on Dec 20th as a result of an accident, my husband and decided to rectify this situation as we never know what fate has in store. Of course our first choice of jewelry stores was Omni (thanks to Bill Carroll). Eloise was fabulous, giving advice and being oh so patient. I should also mention your son-in-law, Avi, who gave me a really good price on my chosen ring. In the end, my experience at your Mavis store was extremely enjoyable - I now have a gorgeous ring at a great price. Thanks again - the measure of great staff begins with a great Boss - you.


Sandra P, Orono, May 2007

Many thanks for the quick delivery of the two 1.5 Carat Tennis Bracelets...They were a pleasant surprise and did not look like I had expected. The first one, a gift for my sister, was really loved. The second one I hope to give to my niece for her Secondary School graduation. What a wonderful experience and I will certainly be mak your family.

With Sincere Thanks,

Clifford L, Toronto, June 2007

Hillel, A belated thank you, for all your assistance with my recent purchase. The time you took assisting me with the purchase of the ring was greatly appreciated. The ring was exquisite. I gave the ring to Jennifer in Hawaii. Our friends from California were with us and commented on the design and uniqueness of the ring. The compliment comes from someone who designed his wife's engagement and wedding ring. Jennifer loves the ring and gets compliments daily. After the earlier purchase of the bracelet and the ring, I am afraid to let her know where your store is located. My heart felt appreciation for everything. Regards, Clifford

David C, Toronto, February 2007

You get plenty of these e-mails I am sure. Yesterday I went to the Mississauga Omni Jewelry store to look for a watch for my wife for Valentines day. I was very impressed by the store, clean, well lit, and the staff was very friendly.

I asked to look at the watches, and was immediately shown the various styles of Woman's Watches. I quickly decided on the black leather band, black faced Diamond watch and asked to purchase it.

I was shocked at how quickly I was out the door, no attempts at up selling, no lengthy "delays" looking for the box to make me look at the other store items (which I looked at and were impressive). I was out the door in less than 10 minutes, and will return on my next purchase her birthday's not to far away.

Thanks for letting us know about this beautiful watch and great deal. I'm sure others will be saddened when it ends.


Keith F, Toronto, December 2006

Dear Mr. Berkovits,

I'm a long time CFRB listener and have hear your radio commercials many times.

I purchased a Bill Carroll signature watch for my wife as a Christmas present. I know zero about jewelry and watches so trusted you and Bill Carroll to do the dirty work for me. May I simply say that the watch was a great hit. She loves it. Thank you for helping me make my and her Christmas.

I look forward to shopping at Omni again.

Joe F, Toronto, December 2006

Good evening Hillel,

Well we hit the grand slam with that stone, she was reduced to tears again. You helped me in such a big way. To you and your family i really thank you for the extra effort in time, education and most importantly being realistic.

I know you hear this often because i have heard others say it in the store. I truly mean this you have won a friend and i would like to take you for lunch in the near future and needless to say, for always you be the only place me or my family will do jewelry business with and i will tell anyone interested about how great you guys are.

Thanks so much for everything, and to your staff (i think it was Lazo) for sitting with my boys today while in the store.

Your Friend,

Douglas S, Toronto, October 2006


I just wanted to thank you for all of your help with Dawn's engagement ring. I appreciated the time that you and Rob took in guiding me (a diamond neophyte) to select the perfect gem. Needless to say, Dawn said yes, (which made for a truly special Thanksgiving) and we have set the date for August 18, 2007. Jack, you are a credit to your industry and I want you to know that we will definitely be back to select our wedding bands. Thank you once again and please understand that Rob is truly a one of a kind gemologist (both personable and professional) and employee.


Geoff B, Toronto, May 2006

Dear Jack,

This email is in regards to an experience I had with one of your stores and employees. It totally a positive one. I recently purchased a ring from Allan at the Heartland Center. He made me very comfortable with the whole "getting married" situation, and also with the big purchase. Me and my family have a retail business and I can honestly say to you that you should be lucky to have a great employee like him.

This was an A+ experience! I am only the second of a large group of friends to get engaged. I will be putting in good words to my buddies about Omni/Allan. My proposal went smooth and we will absolutely be coming back for our wedding bands.

Just thought I would tell you. I know we always enjoy hearing our customers say good things about our store and employee's.

Thank you,

Shawn C, Toronto, May 2006


I came in today and picked up pendant, I must say it is exactly as I had envisioned. I am not sure exactly who I was served by but it was a very pleasant experience.

I have bought jewelry for my wife in the past but always felt pressured and or unimportant because I wasn't spending $$$$$. The gentlemen that helped me, made me feel that I was #1 and that means a lot to me.

I will continue to shop at your store in the future, Thanks again for helping a guy out get that perfect gift for my wife on this mothers day.


Marion F, Toronto, November 2005

I wish to sincerely thank you and your excellent staff for the great deal we were offered for my daughter's diamond stud earrings on Thursday. We visited your showroom on her 20th birthday. I wanted her to be completely satisfied with the gift of her choice. Your staff and your great prices made that birthday wish for her come true. (I am also pleased that there were some extra pennies for Mom to spend on herself - I adore the lovely pearl necklace I also bought! ) Thank you again. I'll be back....... next time with my shopping list!!! by the way -- the enthusiastic tempo of your most recent commercial is memorable.... fine, just fine! Marion
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